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  Any Time Cash  
Due to advancement of technology, gadgets and services facilitating everyday life of people are becoming more and more common. BCB have demonstrated her commitment by providing 24 hours automated teller cash out lets (ATMs) at the convenience of valued customer where you can withdraw your deposits any time as you like in secured and easy way.

With extensive network of ATMs you will have total freedom in your cash management and requirement, getting rid of carrying money which is risky. BCB ATM card will relieve you from carrying money along with you.

So just get an account with BCB and get your money whenever and wherever you want.


• Safe and secured means of cash withdrawal.
•  Round the clock available.
•  Balance enquiry facility.
•  Fund transfer facility (May not available at all the ATMs).
•  Statement printing.
•  Cheques book request (May not available at all the ATMs).
•  Utility bill payment (May not available at all the ATMs).
•  Cheques deposit facility (Please check the availability of the service).


One time visit to our branch is sufficient. In case following guidelines may not suffice, please see to customer care department for further information and enquiry.

• Fill up the Easy-Cash (ATM) application form. You can get it from bank’s premises or can also be downloaded from our website.
• Provide all the necessary information like debit account number, card type (primary card or supplementary).
• Submit to the bank. Allow few days to get your ATM card be ready. Collect the card along with security pin mailer.
•  Initially your card will be de-activated due to security reason. Please get is activated personally.
•  You are requested to read the information booklet carefully.
• Once activated change the pin number as soon as possible.
• Do not accept card if the pin mailer is tampered.
•  You may request to get pin number through mail or mobile devices. Any security responsibility lies on you.
• Your card will be captured if the number of failed attempts exceed pre-defined times. You are expected to claim your card along with valid identification document.
• Please inform the designated department as soon as possible in case your card is missing or stolen to avoid misuse.
• If you have any confusion or want further information, please feel free to ask several times. Our officials will be glad to help you.


• Always keep your pin number secured way.
• Service may be disrupted due to reason beyond the control of bank.
• If there is any discrepancy, please inform the ATM cell immediately.
• Customer may be charged due to utilization of the services and revision of such charges is regular activity.
• Read carefully all the terms and conditions before applying.
• BCB is committed to your positive experience using our online banking service. We look forward to your feedback, comment, criticism on our service quality.

Note: Please be informed that the information provided here are illustrative and subject to continued improvement. Hence you are cordially requested to get detailed information applicable at the time from our authorized personnel or visit nearest branch outlet.

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