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  Power In Your Pocket  

Gone are the days when people used to carry coins in sacks. Also gone will be the days when people carry currency notes in purses. New trend world over is of plastic money or cards. It's safer, it saves you from the burden of carrying cash and it has wider applications.

It's the power in your POCKET!!! BCB is the pioneer to offer this power in Southern Sudan .

Various Card Services BCB Offers are:


A Debit Card is a payment card that you can use for making purchases at specified merchant locations or for cash withdrawal from our ATM Machines provided you have sufficient balances in your BCB Account. You will be relieved with the trouble of carrying cash with this service.

BCB's Debit Card will have wide acceptance over no. of major merchant places in Southern Sudan .
It's safer, easier and trendy.


Pre-paid Cards are same as that of Debit Cards, however beneficial for those who don't have a bank account with BCB. So if you don't have a BCB Bank Account but want to carry a Card, BCB Prepaid Card is the solution. It's equally beneficial and has same features as Debit Card. You can get your prepaid card against cash from any of our BCB Branches, and recharge as you require.


ATM or Automated Teller Machine as the name suggests is an automated machine that provides you with cash withdrawal and other facilities without need of human assistance. With this facility you can access your bank money at any time from our ATM's installed at prime locations. That's why this service is also called Any Time Money with virtually 24 hour access to withdrawal and other services. View ATM Locations


A Credit Card is a payment card, which enables you with the option of making purchases on credit. Within the credit limit that is given by a bank, you will be able to purchase goods or services by just offering your Credit Card at the Point of Sales (POS). The amount will just be like a loan given to you for the purchase. But the difference is that there will be with NO INTEREST charged on this loan, provided you repay it within the time stipulated.

BCB doesn't offer Credit Card facility at present but is planning to offer this service to its customers in the future after getting membership from International Card Associations like VISA / MASTERCARD.

  Note: The Debit Card, Prepaid Card and ATM Services are proprietary products and will have acceptance only among the BCB branches, ATM's and group of merchants.  
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