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Letter of Credit (LC) or Documentary Credit is the safest and convenient means of paying for exports among all other existing methods of payment. It is widely used to effect payments in domestic and international trade. A written undertaking is issued by a bank (usually referred to as the issuing bank) on the instructions of the buyer of goods to the seller. The payment is made under conditions stated in the undertaking. Payments are always up to a stated limit and against stipulated documents.


Trading is always risky, even more so if you are dealing with unknown suppliers who demand for pre-payments. With BCB's Import LC, you can be sure that payment will be made when and only when your stipulated terms are fulfilled. We at BCB are dedicated for quality and sleek services understanding customers' requirements and taking care of risks to which our customers are exposed while doing their import transactions.


To facilitate the needs and requirements of our exporting customers, our team at Trade Operations - Export is committed for delivering unparalleled processing and advisory services. We at BCB are committed to help realize your export proceeds at the earliest possible time through our correspondent banks. Our services range from advising to confirmation and discounting.

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