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Types of Services
A. Cash Services   Min Max Min Max  
A.1 Cash Withdrawal A.1.1
Local Currency
Zero Zero Zero      
Foreign Currency
1.00%     USD 10 USD 200  
A.2 Delivery  & collection of cash from Customer's Premises   1.00%     USD 1000   This service is provided to only prime clients
B. Clearing & Collection Services
B.1   B.1.1
Cheque clearing (in Juba)
  SDG 10   USD 10    
Cheque collection (outside Juba)
          This service is not available at the beginning
Handling fee for inward/outward unpaid cheque
  SDG 20   USD 20
C. Remittances
C.1 Local Remittances C.1.1 EFTs 1% plus SWIFT cost SDG 20   USD 20    
    C.1.2 TT           The bank will not have TT
    C.1.3 Bank Drafts   SDG 50   USD 50    
C.2 Foreign Remittances C.2.1
Inward - Customer
1.00%     USD 30 USD 750  
Inward - Non Customer
1.50%     USD 45 USD 900  
Outward - Customer
1.50%     USD 20 USD 750 Plus Swift Cost of USD 35
Outward - Non Customer
2%     USD 30 USD 1000 Plus Swift Cost of USD 35
C.3 XPress Money Transfer             As per agreement with Xpress Money
C.4 Western Union             As per agreement with Western Union
C.5 Cheque on Selves (or MC) C.5.1
Issued at cutomers' request
  SDG 50   USD 50    
Issued at non customers' request
  SDG 100   USD 100    
Drawn to effect payment under standing instructions
  SDG 50   USD 50    
  SDG 20   USD 20    
C.6 Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS) C.6.1
Local currency (ac-to-ac transfer or cashing cheques across branches)
1.00% SDG 20 SDG 500     Not Available at the moment
Foreign currency (ac-to-ac transfer or cashing cheques across branches)
1.50%   USD 40 USD 1000  
C.7 Traveler's cheques           This service is not available in the beginning
D. Other Charges
D.1   Stop Payment   SDG 20   USD 20    
D.2   Cheque Books (per leaf)   SDG 0.50   USD 0.50    
D.3   Counter Cheque (or withdrawal slip)   SDG 10   USD 10    
D.4   Cheques returned unpaid             
Insufficient Funds in the account
  SDG 50   USD 50    
Technical reasons
  SDG 20   USD 20    
D.5   Duplicate statement of accounts at customers' request   SDG 10   USD 10    
D.6   Ledger Fees per month   SDG 5   USD 5    
D.7   Account closure   SDG 20   USD 20    
D.8   Authorizing and/or renewal of signatures   SDG 20   USD 20    
D.9   Request of document of account entry            
One year old or less
  SDG 10   USD 10    
    D.9.2 More than one year   SDG 20   USD 20    
D.10   Request to reserve/lien balance   SDG 10   USD 10    
D.11   Balance certificate   SDG 10   USD 10    
D.12   Account-to-account Transfer (within the same branch)   SDG 10   USD 10   Per Transaction
D.13   Standing Orders            
  D.13.1 Set up   SDG 10   USD 10    
    D.13.2 Amendment   SDG 5   USD 5    
    D.13.3 Cancellation   SDG 10   USD 10    
    D.13.4 Interbranch   SDG 10   USD 10    
    D.13.5 To other banks   SDG 20   USD 20    
  D.14 Salary Processing   SDG 5   USD 5   Per every staff
E. Delivery Channels
E.1 ATM Services E.1.1
Per transaction
  SDG 5   USD 5   To be decided later on
Card Issuance Fee
  SDG 20   USD 20   To be decided later on
Renewal & Replace Fee
  SDG 10   USD 10   To be decided later on
  Note: Commissions and Charges mentioned above are subject to change as per BCB's decision. Please confirm at your nearest branches for any changes  
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