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  Fast, Easy and Reliable Money Transfer  

Sending and receiving money was never too easy before BCB Remit. Whether you want to remit money for personal purposes, business receipts and payments, trade execution or any other purposes, we can help you with instant remittance services. It's fast, it's easy and of course it's reliable as well.

We have following remittance products to meet your needs:


BCB Remit is a customized remittance product, tailor-made to the needs of Southern Sudanese people. With this service any walk-in customer can send and receive money within various parts of Southern Sudan from our wide branches outreach. You don't need to have a bank account with us for this purpose. If you need to send or receive money, you can just walk-in to any of our branches and remit money within no time.


Demand Draft is a cheque drawn by a bank on its own branches or on its correspondent banks' branches requesting the latter to pay the particular sum of money to the person named in the draft. You can request BCB to issue DD against the payment or your account balance for remittance purpose. BCB can draw drafts on a number of its correspondent banks located all over the world.


Telegraphic Transfer (TT) is a bit faster mode of remitting money than DD wherein a bank on the instruction of the remitter sends a message (through Telex or Fax or similar mode) to its branch or corresponding bank branch to make the payment.


SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It is considered to be the safest and most secured method of sending/receiving messages from different banks across the globe. BCB has SWIFT transfer arrangements with a broad range of correspondent banks, which allows us to provide you with secured money transfer in speedy way.


When there is no SWIFT transfer or draft arrangement, you may opt for mail transfer. As the name suggests, mail transfer is slow compared to other ways of fund transfer.


It is a cheque drawn by BCB on itself, on your request. Beneficiary can send the cheque on collection or through clearing or can deposit it in his or her account with BCB itself.


All the branches of BCB are connected to each other. Any accounts opened in any of our branches can be accessed through any other branches at real time. So with ABB Service our customers can deposit, withdraw and enquire balance for accounts opened in one branch from any of our other Branches .

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